Boiler water treatment chemicals

Water treatment is an integral part of safe and efficient boiler operation. The Kurita Group has developed a wide range of products for low, medium and high pressure boiler systems. Low toxicity basic products for oxygen recovery and multifunctional products (anti-corrosion and scale) make application easier. These products approved for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries are on the US FDA list.


Coolant water treatment chemicals

To minimize cooling water system problems such as corrosion, scale, and microbiology, the Kurita Group offers a full range of treatment chemicals to ensure safe, efficient and hygienic operation. These chemicals can be widely applied to water with different characteristics such as drinking water, recycled wastewater, industrial water (tap water).


Chemical RO

Kurita Corporation has developed a biological control agent to replace conventional oxidizing biocides; advantage of eliminating and/or reducing additional chemicals such as Sodium Sulfite. Scale inhibitors for a wide variety of irritants to avoid the risks of unplanned system downtime due to membrane blockages. Regenerative agent capable of regenerating RO membranes. These products are NSF certified.


Other water treatment chemicals

Other water treatment chemicals used for fields such as wastewater treatment, clean water; water treatment in pulp and paper production; paint residue treatment.

Water treatment equipment

Quick Filter - Kurita Light Filter

Quick Filter - Kurita Light Filter optimizes water usage by limiting the amount of water used for backwashing compared to conventional filtration systems.

Water cooling control device - Kuriauto C505

Control device - Kurita C5050 is applied in controlling the quality of cooling water, automatically draining the bottom according to the control signal.

Wastewater control equipment S.sensing CS

Real-time wastewater change monitoring & Automatic chemical dosing control.

Savings advice
energy for chiller

Energy saving with Kurita NT technology

Savings advice
energy for drying batch

Energy saving with Kurita DW technology


Kurita's laboratory is fully equipped with equipment, standards, chemicals and accessories. The laboratory can analyze the criteria on many samples.

Kurita has a team of analytical technicians who are experienced and specialized engineers. Personnel at Kurita are always updated with modern analytical techniques, applying analytical procedures  according to international and Vietnamese standards.

Quality report

At Kurita, we provide laboratory services for water quality. We analyze water quality such as cooling tower water, boiler water, RO water...

From there, we update the water quality on a monthly basis for our partners and customers. These parameters will be used to monitor and manage water quality and the system to maintain stability during operation.

Field endoscopy and testing equipment

Boiler inspection and endoscopy

Kurita provides on-site inspection and endoscopy to assess the condition and detect possible boiler risks such as scale and corrosion.

Chiller examination and endoscopy

Kurita provides on-site inspection and endoscopy services to assess the condition and detect possible risks to the chiller such as scale, corrosion, and algae.