Together with customers and society, find the answer in water - change the world through water.

At KURITA Group, our mission is to help people and nature coexist in harmony and prosperity by applying the most advanced technologies that we have been cultivating in the field of water treatment. .
We always research to solve common problems of society such as water scarcity and global warming, constantly striving to pursue the unique values of the KURITA Group.

Field of activity

Wastewater & Clean Water Treatment Upstream

Coagulating agent

Glue aid

Coagulation polymers

Ion exchange resin

Materials science

Polymers for sludge treatment

Heavy metal reducing agent

Processing In Pulp & Paper Industry


Anti-foam agent

Microbial control agent

Felt cleaner

Drop Wise Technology

Paint Residual Treatment

Paint residue remover

Biotechnology Polymer Coagulation

RO Water Treatment

Inhibition of scale

Microbial control


RO membrane restorer

Pretreatment substance

Boiler Water Treatment

Inhibition of scale

Corrosion Inhibition

Remove oxygen gas

Disperse scale and sludge

Steam line protection


Cooling Water Treatment

Inhibition of scale

Corrosion Inhibition

Microbial control



Chemicals, Water Treatment Equipment and Maintenance Services

The extensive range of Kurita products provides all the essentials for an effective treatment program.